Sunday, November 16, 2008

morning after songs

1) Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
2) Liz Phair - Fuck and Run
3) PJ Harvey - Who The Fuck
4) Carissa's Wierd- One Night Stand
5) Sonic Youth - I Love You Golden Blue
6) The Go Betweens - Bachelor Kisses
7) Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years
8) The Shirelles - WIll You Love Me Tomorrow
9) Billie Holliday - Good Morning Heartache
Martha Wainwright – Bloody Motherfucking Asshole
11) The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
12) Iggy Pop - I Wanna Be Your Dog
13) AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
14) Motorhead - One Night Stand

(unfortunately at this stage im having trouble finding mp3s of all these songs, so you will have to settle for youtube vids for some)

1) Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
You're still kind of drunk. You think its funny that you just had a one night stand. You are still in this strangers room (or even worse, a friend, so this is going to be really awkward) and this song comes on the radio. You cant help but laugh. This hot piece of lady style was married to the late great Miles Davis, and was muse to many a fucked up composition. She IS sex.

you can download a couple of other Betty Davis tracks here

2) Liz Phair – Fuck and Run
The title really says it all with the first track. You pop your headphones in before you even walk out the bedroom door, hair disheveled, and hopefully Ms Phair's singing will drown out any good mornings from roomates that are making breakfast. As one random blogger said about this song " Its from a time when Liz still had balls". May take a couple of listens, but you'll soon find you wont walk out of a one night stand without thinking of this song.

You can download a the mp3 of Fuck and Run free and legally here. Or you can watch a live version of it on youtube

3) PJ Harvey - Who The Fuck
You've made it to the front door without any awkward interactions. You walk to the front gate and the sun hurts when it first hits your pupils and you wish you had your sunglasses. This is when your first hint of regret starts to really kick in. Listening to PJ repetitively scream "who the fuck do you think you are
get outta my hair"

makes you remember at some point in the evening you managed to pull a "Theres Something About Mary"
and get that stuff through your luscious locks.

4) Carissa's Wierd - One Night Stand
In at number four was going to be Janis Joplin's - One Night Stand, while I was looking for it I stumbled across this little gem that I hadnt heard in years. Carissa's Wierd formed in Seattle in 1995, and created some beautiful harmonies and shoe gazey goodness before members formed solo projects and Band Of Horses. Together for a short time, this beautiful piece is for when you have finally gotten into the cab, or on the bus, or into your roomates car as they picked you up from the corner and you just want to close your eyes and drift off nodding along to the lyrics...

"This really isn't like me at all....."

MP3 can be found here

5) Sonic Youth - I Love You Golden Blue
While this song doesnt literally denote the one night stand, its dreamy regret tinged vocals seem to seep into your brain with lyrics like
"Is it time to go, Its a place I know,
I cant read your mind,
I cant find the time,
I cant feel the thrill,
I cant find the will...."
The perfect song to get dragged into your own thoughts.

The Go Betweens - Bachelor Kisses
Bachelor Kisses is for when you've just gotten home and youre thinking about your ex. Its dreamy, pretty and hits you with imagery of love, lust and promises made with lyrics like
"The world of men don't mean a thing,
when all they give you is a diamond ring,
don't believe what you've heard,
"faithful" is not a bad word"

You can feast your senses on this one here

7) Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years
While you're feeling nostalgic "Reelin' In The Years" will take you back to everything you've done, never done, wanted to do. A contemplative classic.

8) The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
I mean now you are full of regret. That person you slept with is never going to call. You probably dont even want them to. Your ex keeps popping up into your head and your whole body is sore. You walk up the driveway to your front door and turn the key hoping that the soothing sounds of these beautiful ladies who are feelin' your pain will make it all seem better....

9) Billie Holliday - Goodmorning Heartache
You've made it to bed. Your own bed. Sweet, sweet bed. You are ready to crash. Billie Holliday sings you to sleep, all those emotions coming up... Goodmorning Heartache indeed...

I found an mp3 of this song on the beautiful motel de moka music blog... you can download it here

10) Martha Wainwright - Bloody Motherfucking Asshole
You wake up two hours later. Everything hurts... You press play on the stereo and Martha greets you with lyrics like

"Poetry has no place for a heart thats a whore,
And I'm young and I'm strong
But I feel old and tired,
Over Fired"

Punctuated with "You bloody Motherfucking Asshole" every second verse over and over you get up and make some coffee..

You can download this track here

11)The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
As you drink your first coffee for the day and light that much needed cigarette, you settle into a haze of reflection on the last 24 hours. You wonder, did I really go home with *that* person? And your brain here has three options
1) I wonder if I like this person. Am I ever going to see them again? (and yes, I realise I could have inserted "The Angels" here but I've chosen not to, it just wouldn't keep the right mood)
2) Oh my god this is going to be so fucking awkward when we see each other again...
3) What was his/her name??!?

The Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning will surely help facilitate these thoughts.
You can download the track here or you can watch the youtube below.

12) Iggy Pop - I Wanna Be Your Dog
At some point, possibly somewhere between your first and fouth cigarette things start looking up. But you the memories of the possibly depraved things you did the night before start creeping in... and what better track that
Iggy Pop's I Wanna Be Your Dog to help ease those memories in.

You can download this one here

13) AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
As you get out of the shower, you realise that its kinda hysterically funny that you slept with "Insert Person" here. And you start to enjoy the memories of the night before. You walk into your room and the radio is playing this song. Perfect. Hahaha.

You can download a copy of this one here.

14) Motorhead - One Night Stand

Finally, after being washed and dressed you're ready for the day. Tinged with regret? Hardly. You head out for afternoon beers with these lyrics in your head

"Love, at first sight, love with a travelling man,
I been a slut all my life,
Wish every night was a one-night stand."

for some reason the go betweens youtube link is posting twice. i think it just means youre meant to enjoy it again!

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