Monday, November 17, 2008

lover lover
songs from the past

  1. bo diddley - she's fine - mp3
  2. etta james - i'd rather be blind - mp3
  3. five royals - standin' in the shadows - mp3
  4. the ronettes - be my baby - mp3
  5. bobby hebb - sunny - mp3
  6. al greene - let's stay together - mp3
  7. johnny cash & june carter - if i were a carpenter - mp3
  8. patsy cline - i go walking after midnight - mp3
  9. wanda jackson - hard headed woman - mp3
  10. sakura & the quests - my boy lollipop - mp3
  11. fontella bass - hold on - mp3
  12. diana ross - upside down - mp3
  13. dolly parton - jolene - mp3
bonus - elvis costello - my funny valentine - mp3

People have been singing love songs since the begining of time. Here is a bunch of songs that I happened to have handy that fall into two categories, love & old.

Some, older than others starting with Bo Diddley singing "She's Fine", his voice is amazing, husky, pained and strong it sounds a bit like an instrument in itself, a horn (much like Billie Holliday, who I didnt include in this compilation for some reason).

Second up, a song that was on a compliation given to me recently by a friend, Etta James doing "I'd Rather Go Blind". Beautiful & heart wrenching all in one.

Five Royals up next with "Standing in the Shadows", keeping in the theme of seeing your loved one with someone else, these guys croon about watching your baby kissin' on someone else.

"Be My Baby"
, by The Ronettes, a classic and slightly lighter than the heavy stuff we have delved into so far, which brings us to "Sunny" the 1966 hit, another "you've made my world an amazing place yay!" song.

After Bobby Hebb clears the rain and pain, Al Greene croons "Lets Stay Together" arguably the most romantic song in the history of the world. One day someone is going to sing this to me and I am going to marry them instantly (that and the Charles in Charge theme song I have just been reminded).

How can there be a compilation of songs about love without an inclusion from the late great loved up couple that was Johnny Cash and June Carter?! I chose this one because its about long standing love, I'll stick by you through the shit or yay moments of life...

"I Go Walking After Midnight" is probably about the girl who is probably in love with a guy like The Man In Black (the aforementioned Johnny Cash) I contemplated a whole heap of Patsy Cline songs to throw in here, she was the Queen of Unrequited Love (as crowned by me) but for some reason this one called out to me.

Wanda Jackson
takes us into some real rock'n'roll babe stuff - "Hard Headed Woman" is I daresay one dedicated to most women by their exes heh.

I couldnt resist including Sakura & The Quests doing a cover of "My Boy Lollipop" in Chinese fron 1967 (I am totally obsessed with her, you can download a whole album here).

Next up, some smooth soul stylin' from Fontella Bass (famous for the 1965 hit "Rescue Me") doing "Hold On". Maybe not the most innovative lyrics (Hold on, hold on, hold on baby dont let go) but they certainly drive the point home.

Second to last, the amazing Ms Diana Ross doing "Upside Down". Those of you that know me will have some understanding that this song makes me happy, I cant sit still when its on and it makes me want to shake my butt.

Last on the list is "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. This song is probably the saddest love song in the world. Ever. Period. It sounds all boppy and twangy but listen up to the lyrics and your heart just breaks for this woman begging for Jolene to not take her man.

Bonus track isnt on the offical list because technically its not old, but its a cover of an old song. Elvis Costello doing a cover of "My Funny Valentine". This is another one of those amazingly hopelessly romantic songs, essentially he is telling his lover that they are far from perfect but he loves them just the way they are. Gag + loveheart.

please feel free to leave me any thoughts comments etc!

(ps - apologies i made the mistake of using rapid share to host the files, this makes you wait for 60 seconds before starting the download. I will use something else next time, in the meantime let me know if there are any problems or if you want me to burn and post you the compilation instead!)

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