Saturday, November 14, 2020

this is a repost but i dont care.



for lovers of old skool hip hop this song is a must.

it entails a story about a man trying to seduce a taken woman, to have her repeat that she "already got a man". seriously catchy and HILARIOUS.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


this song is on repeat while i shake booty.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

awright its been forever since i blogged over here. someone just asked me what happened to my love music blog and i had actually forgotten about it.

the MP3 links should be dead all most of the past tracks, but if theres anything you like or want, hit me up and i will send on through to you or repost.

love to love baby. ohhh. love to love you baby.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

this is a song, for the ladies.

tenacious d
fuck her gently [MP3]

im not a huge TD fan, but i admit to finding it funny and entertaining. no, wait who am i kidding. they are generally hilarious and stupid and i secretly love it.

adam sandler
she comes home to me [MP3]

he loves her because shes his. what better theme to a love song ever? who knew sandler could be so romantic? theres a bit of an urban myth about this song, that he used old blue eyes backing band and then recorded the lyrics over the top and supposedly they were pissed.

**warning** neither of these are safe for consumption infront of small children or bosses. also not recommended to be sung to potential lovers, unless they are me or like me.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

This album, introduced to me by a handsome bearded gentleman, is on repeat so often in my house its not even funny.

Happy [MP3]
Happy (Reprise) [MP3]

Friday, January 02, 2009

hearts on shoes below

some velvet morning
lee hazelwood & nancy sinatra

a 1967 track that makes you understand where shoe gazing really began. their voices dont really gel, but for some reason it works.

wikipedia says -

As with many psychedelic songs, its overall meaning is somewhat obscure. The lyrics consist of the male part describing a mysterious, powerful woman named Phaedra, who educated the speaker in the ways of love. The male part alternates with the female part, who identifies herself as Phaedra and speaks over ethereal, twinkling music about beautiful nature imagery — "flowers growing on a hill / dragonflies and daffodils" — and about the secrets held by an unknown collective "we."

Monday, December 29, 2008

i am a kitten
kahimi karie [MP3]

Quand tu caresses
Ma fourrure est-ce Que tu m'entends ron ron? Je sais que je ne suis Qu'un chaton gris Je veux être une personne Mes petits yeux sont bleu Chinois Ils voient avec tristesse La main qui me caresse Une main d'une autre espèce J'aimerais etre aimée Mais les Dieux ordonnent Tu es un être humain Et je suis un chaton I am a kitten Ne plus dormir Pelotonnée Avec ma boule de fil Ne plus chasser les papillons Massacrer les souris Oreilles pointues M'interessent plus Et ni les queues tigrées Depuis que j'ai vu Entierement nu Ton corps exquis depucellé J'aimerais etre aimée Mais les dieux ordonnent Toi, tu reste un être humain Et je suis un chaton I am a kitten J'aimerais etre aimée Mais les Dieux ordonnent Tu es un être humain Et je suis un chaton I am a kitten... meow